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Vanguartec, Empresa
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Bentonita Sódica para la Ind. Enológica
  • Bentonita Sódica para la Ind. Enológica

Bentonita Sódica para la Ind. Enológica

Sodium Bentonite
(in Powder, used to clarify wine, musts, vinegar and juice)

  • Natural Origin.
  • Without improvers.
  • High plasticity.
  • Very good Gelation.
  • Very good absorption of liquids.
  • High ionic interchange.
  • Low Silica.
  • Ecologic.

One of the best qualities in the world. From the Factory to your destination port.


It's a mineral Clarificant of high purity and quality, extracted and processed for our Company and exploited in deposits over 300 meters deep. The extraordinary colloidal characteristics allow great performance operations in separating the dregs from the must and clarification of fine wines and juices, as well as the iron cation absorption. Its remarkable purity guarantees a free undesirable mineral process and a maximum quality of its results. This product is approved by the National Institute of Wine and it counts with a total organoleptic inertia, a very high purity and exempt of cessions.

We are looking for long terms customers to provide our Sodium Bentonite of excellence, managing together the shipments and commercial issues. Do not hesitate in contacting us for any requirements and quotations: we will answer and contact you asap.

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Precio increíble de Bentonita Sódica para la Ind. Enológica en Buenos Aires (Argentina) de la empresa Vanguartec, Empresa.
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