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Vanguartec, Empresa
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Difusor Ambiental (Aromatizador)
  • Difusor Ambiental (Aromatizador)

Difusor Ambiental (Aromatizador)

Ambient Diffuser (Air Freshener)

An excellent choice to scent any ambient, without the need of supervision as required on odorous smoke sticks, scent ovens with perfume essence or scent candles. It only requires putting the bamboo sticks inside down once a week.

In order to start using it: put the stick holder on the bottle with the perfume chosen, insert the bamboo sticks as shown on the picture below, and put the recipe in any place you want (a secure place where it won't fall by accident). It will scent the ambient gradually and permanently. It is recommended that the bamboo sticks are used for one fragrance only, otherwise the odors will mix and the final result will be different than the original essence.

We are looking for long terms customers to provide our Ambient Diffuser of excellence, managing together the shipments and commercial issues. Do not hesitate in contacting us for any requirements and quotations: we will answer and contact you asap.
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Precio increíble de Difusor Ambiental (Aromatizador) en Buenos Aires (Argentina) de la empresa Vanguartec, Empresa.
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