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Vanguartec, Empresa
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Tanino de Quebracho para la ind. Enológica
  • Tanino de Quebracho para la ind. Enológica

Tanino de Quebracho para la ind. Enológica

Best quality of Quebracho Tannin for Ennological Use, in Powder.

Our product has the ability to form complexes with proteins, and are consequently involved in protecting tissues against microbiological attacks. It acts against free radicals and can scavenge dissolved oxygen.

One of the main features of tannins is their gustatory properties. Each tannin variety gives wines different gustatory features, depending on the nature of the individual tannin, astringency being the common denominator. We have succeeded in getting adequate tannins for enological uses with the mentioned properties, thanks to a blend of selected woods.

Form Powder
Place of Origin Argentina
Brand Name Vanguartec - Tannin
Model Number VGT-TNQV
Type Quebracho extract
- Odor: Pleasant characteristic odor.
- Color: Brown Red.
- Boiling Point: It decomposes at 170 C.
- PH: In solution at 0,6% is of 3.9 4.5
- Water Solubility: 100% in hot water and up the 80% in water between the 15 18 C

We are looking for long terms customers to provide our Quebracho Tannin of excellence, managing together the shipments and commercial issues. Do not hesitate in contacting us for any requirements and quotations: we will answer and contact you asap.

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Precio increíble de Tanino de Quebracho para la ind. Enológica en Buenos Aires (Argentina) de la empresa Vanguartec, Empresa.
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